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Fox News Anchor Brett Baier Praised From Both Right and Left For His Hard Questioning of Trump Over Classified Document Scandal

Pundits from across the country have now reportedly praised Bret Baier for his difficult but fair interview with former President Donald Trump regarding his alleged mismanagement of classified materials.

His interview with the former president has been lauded by political observers on both sides of the political spectrum.

Monday night, Baier aired the first half of his interview with Trump, which centered primarily on the ex-president’s indictment for improperly retaining and refusing to return classified documents to the government.

The fraught confrontation between Baier and Trump touched on numerous other topics, including the all important issue of Trump’s retention of classified documents.

As the interview progressed, a diverse group of observers observed how Baier applied pressure to Trump and confronted the ex-president about various claims and defenses.

A bipartisan group of observers took to Twitter to show Baier with praise for the job:

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