[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

New Poll Shows Biden and Trump Dead Even in Michigan

In a recent survey of voters in the pivotal Michigan state, 44 percent of respondents reportedly said they would support President Biden, while the same number would choose former President Trump.

Between June 8 and June 14, when Trump was indicted on charges related to his handling of sensitive documents, a survey of 600 prospective Michigan voters was taken.

According to a Friday published EPIC-MRA survey, 13% of Michigan respondents stated they were still deciding between the two alternatives.

Michigan was won by Trump in 2016 and by Biden in 2020.

In addition, a survey conducted on Friday revealed that 57 percent of Michigan voters disliked Trump and 52 percent disliked Biden. Only 29% of respondents approved of Biden’s work performance.

In April, Biden’s popularity rating dropped to 40%; last week, a Reuters/Ipsos survey showed him to have a 39% approval rating.

According to a survey issued on Friday, 51% of Michigan voters thought governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) was doing a good job, while 47% said she was not doing a good job.

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