Members of Congress aren’t going to stand aside as Trump drags us into another possible war in the Middle East. [Photo Credit: Ro Khanna, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Democrat Rep. Roh Khanna Claims Biden Bribery Allegations Shouldn’t be Investigated

When Democratic California Rep. Ro Khanna reportedly attempted to argue that the oversight committee shouldn’t look into the alleged Biden bribery plot on Friday, Fox News anchor John Roberts was left speechless.

According to a secret source cited by Fox News on Thursday, former vice president Joe Biden received $5 million from a Burisma Holdings executive while his son, Hunter, served on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company.

“If the Delaware U.S. Attorney wants to look into it, that’s fine. The question is why are we getting involved in politics? Let him do his job, let him present to the American public and I respect his integrity and I believe he’ll come up with a fair assessment,” Khanna said to Fox host John Roberts.

“Are you saying then … the oversight committee has no role here? Is that what you’re saying?” Roberts asked in response.

“I rather the oversight committee be focused on how we lower prices for Americans, how we actually improve the lives for Americans economically, that’s what I think they should be focused on. We have someone in the Delaware investigation who is a Trump appointee who I have confidence in and I think a lot of my Republican colleagues, I have not heard them say they don’t have confidence in the Delaware U.S. Attorney … Why don’t we focus on our job of helping the American people with their pocket book issues?” Khanna replied.

“Quickly, if the president of the United States as vice president potentially took a bribe, you don’t think that’s a matter for Congress to look into?” Roberts shot back.

“I think it’s a matter to be investigated and the FBI investigated it and said that they didn’t have any further investigation. And so if there was evidence of that, then of course it’s for Congress,” Khanna answered.

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