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Megyn Kelly Reveals Details of Fox Media Consultant Who May Have Helped Smear Tucker

Megyn Kelly, a SiriusXM anchor, reportedly disclosed yet another identity on Thursday as a potential source for the footage of Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson that were released to Media Matters and The New York Times (NYT).

Kelly talked about Timothy Burke, a little-known media strategist who had previously worked for the Daily Beast and the website Deadspin.

He is thought to be responsible for the disclosures that Media Matters and the NYT were able to receive.

The footage was made available after Carlson left Fox News in April.

Burke’s laptops, video equipment, and other electronic devices were confiscated by the FBI in May.

In the beginning of June, a US attorney in Florida alerted Fox News that its systems could have been accessed by someone without the network’s consent and might have been unlawfully wiretapped.

Rasch subsequently confirmed to The Washington Post that the raid was related to the cybercrime, which was initially reported by The Tampa Bay Times.

Kelly had previously claimed that Irena Briganti, Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications at Fox News, had released the films because she had a longstanding animosity for Carlson.

According to Kelly, Fox News is in “a deep panic” over Carlson challenging them and is doing all they can to avoid going up against the Daily Caller co-founder.

After Tuesday’s debut of his new Twitter show, Fox News charged Carlson with violating the terms of his contract with the network.

Carlson will receive $20 million annually from the network under the terms of the arrangement until it expires in January 2025.

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