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Chuck Todd Reportedly Leaving ‘Meet The Press’

On Sunday’s episode of “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd, who has served as host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” for the past nine years, reportedly revealed that he will be stepping down from that job in the coming months.

Todd stated that one of the reasons he is quitting the show is so that his work does not “consume” him “before it’s too late,” and he added that he has seen this happen to individuals who are close to him.

Kristen Welker, the chief White House reporter for NBC, was named as his successor, and he remarked that choosing her was a smart idea and that she is “ready” to take over.

He made this announcement during his speech.

The objectivity of Todd has been under fire from conservatives on several occasions, but notably under the Trump administration.

According to NBC, Todd will continue in his role as chief political commentator at the network while also shifting his attention to long-form journalism.

He said that he will officially turn over the show to Welker in the month of September.

After working as NBC’s main White House correspondent for many years, Todd took up hosting duties for the show in 2014.

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