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GOP Rep Stands Up Against Debt Ceiling Compromise, Promises to Vote No

One GOP Representative is not going along with the compromise Speaker Kevin McCarthy (D-Cali.) made with President Biden recently.

Congressman Tim Burchett (R-TN) told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Saturday promised to vote against any deal downplaying the idea of a national default.

Burchett made the promise even before the deal between Biden and McCarthy was announced.

Mediaite reports:

“We need to get back to reality and stop spending money out of control,” he continued. “That’s the bottom line. And if it takes taking a vote, I voted to shut the government down under Trump, and I’d do it under Biden.”

“This is not a government shutdown, this is a default,” Acosta pointed out. “So you’re saying no matter what happens, you’ll vote for default?”

“It’s not a default, it’s a delay,” Burchett countered. “Just like in business, you put something off, you pay it off. If you can’t pay it off this week, we pay it off next week. And this is irresponsible for us to say anything other than that.”

Burchett put the responsibility for the situation on the “20 plus year old negotiators” working in the White House. When asked if he would deny his vote even if McCarthy asked him personally, Burchett said “I did the last time. I was one of four that did. I sat in his office and I told him no multiple times. We went through the scenarios, and I told him upfront. I’ve been telling him this for weeks and it’s nothing new.”

Burchett called for a return to “fiscal sanity,” slamming the level of spending currently happening at the federal level.

It remains to be seen how sustainable the spending can be as inflation continues to tick upward.

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