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Shocking New Poll Shows Biden Support at Lowest Ever, With Trump Beating Him in a Head-to-Head Race

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll reportedly indicates that President Biden’s popularity has just taken a significant hit.

More Americans than not doubt his mental capacity, his overall popularity ratings have dropped to a new low, and his support against the top Republican contenders is much less than it was four years ago.

Former president Donald Trump is currently leading a field of contenders for the Republican nomination.

Just two weeks ago, Biden used a video to announce his reelection bid, stressing the attack on the Capitol of January 6th 2021.

Even among Democrats, the majority of them say they would rather see someone other than Biden represent their party.

36 percent of people currently approve of Biden’s job performance, down from 42 percent in February.

His approval rating is currently at 56%.

Numerous groups that overwhelmingly backed Biden in 2020 are now disapproving of him. His acceptance rating is currently at 26% among Americans under the age of 30, 42% among non-White people, 41% among urban dwellers, and 46% among those who do not identify with any religion.

30 percent of independents who supported Biden in 2020 disapprove, compared to 57 percent who do.

96 percent of independents who supported Trump disapprove.

At the start of his second term and at its conclusion, Biden would be 82 years old.

On the issues of honesty and reliability, neither Biden nor Trump are seen favorably, but Trump is viewed more poorly.

Currently, just 33% of people believe that Donald Trump is trustworthy and honest, while 63% disagree. Comparatively, 41% of respondents believe that Biden is trustworthy and honest, while 54% disagree.

44 percent of voting-age individuals say they would definitely or probably vote for Trump in 2024, compared to 38 percent who say they would definitely or probably vote for Biden.

The remaining 18% either provided a different response or are unsure.

In comparison 42 percent of Republican voters say they would definitely or probably support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he were the party’s nominee, compared to 37 percent who would support Joe Biden and 21 percent who are unsure or have chosen another candidate.

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