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Ratings for Fox New Take Major Nosedive After Tucker Carlson Exit

The ratings for Fox News have reportedly plummeted since Tucker Carlson was fired on Monday, especially during its 8 p.m. ET primetime position.

For many years, Tucker Carlson was the king of Fox’s prime time, averaging 3.2 million viewers each night.

This week, the Carlson hour on Fox News Channel saw a sharp decline in viewers, with only 2.6 million tuning in on Monday.

With 1.7 million viewers on Tuesday, things continued to get worse for Fox.

On Wednesday, Fox saw a disastrous decline in viewers to just 1.3 million, a 59% decrease from Carlson’s average rating.

Fox hasn’t revealed a new host for the time slot and seems to be switching around well-known network personalities like Brian Kilmeade.

According to Nielsen ratings, on a proportionate basis, Newsmax was capturing 57% of Fox’s audience on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Carlson’s firing by Fox seems to have been a hasty decision with little thought given to a replacement.

Following Fox’s shocking $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems two weeks ago, Carlson left the company.

Although some have suggested that Carlson was involved in the case, neither Fox nor Carlson have revealed the specifics of why he was fired.

Although Carlson has not yet criticized Fox, he condemned woke culture in a recent Twitter video which received millions of views.

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