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Fox News and Lou Dobbs Reach Settlement Over Defamation Suit

The lawsuit filed by a Venezuelan businessman against Fox News Network and former Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs for a broadcast and subsequent social media activity involving him and voting software businesses during the 2020 presidential election has now reportedly been settled.

In 2021, Majed Khalil filed a case in New York federal court against the Fox Corporation, Fox News Network LLC, Lou Dobbs, and attorney Sidney Powell.

According to the complaint, the defendants accused Khalil and three others of conspiring with Dominion and Smartmatic to rig or modify the election outcome in favor of President Joseph Biden during a December 10, 2020, broadcast and accompanying Twitter tweets.

According to Law and Crime, Fox attorney K. Winn Allen stated in a Saturday letter to Stanton co-signed by Khalil attorney Sigmund S. Wissner-Gross that the parties intend to file a mutual stipulation of dismissal with prejudice early next week.

The Powell allegations were dismissed, while a judge last autumn denied the news station and Dobbs’ attempts on First Amendment grounds, stating that they participated in fair and balanced reporting.

Dominion Voting Systems has recently launched a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox over identical accusations about the 2020 presidential election.

On Friday, Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis refused Fox News’ request for summary judgment in an attempt to have the voting software company’s lawsuit dismissed.

The case will now go to trial in April.

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