President Donald J. Trump participates in a town hall interview taping with Sean Hannity of Fox News Thursday, June 25, 2020, at Green Bay-Austin Struble International Airport in Green Bay, Wis. (Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Sean Hannity Asks Trump to Turn Over Video of the Raid on Mar-A-Lago

Fox Host Sean Hannity reportedly attempted to put pressure on former President Trump to hand over tapes of the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago during an interview with the 2024 presidential candidate on Monday.

The Two had been discussing the use of several different government agencies by Democrats as weapons against him when Trump brought up the raids, decrying them as unfair.

“This could’ve been worked out but all of a sudden they raided Mar-a-Lago, viciously raided Mar-a-Lago,” Trump said.

Trump then admitted that he had tapes of the incident.

“I have tape and I gave them tapes, I gave them tapes of storage areas, I gave it to them. I could have held that back. I was not holding anything back that I cared about, I gave them tape, you know the tape they don’t want me to reveal, if possible, they asked me and I adhered the raid itself,” he continued.

“Wait a minute. I will take that tape and I will air that tape,” Hannity responded.

“Everybody would take that tape,” Trump replied.

“No, I have tape but they think it might be dangerous because of the faces and everything else and I understand that,” Trump added.

“We can pixel them out,” Hannity exclaimed in an eager attempt to try and acquire the tape.

“I have tapes of the raid and the raid is terrible and the way they treated people, was terrible and the way they treat people now is unbelievable. Ask innocent people.” Trump concluded.

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