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Democratic Rep. Judy Chu Handed Out Awards to Members of Alleged Chinese Intelligence Front

According to investigation from the Daily Caller, California Democratic Rep. Judy Chu has given congressional prizes to at least ten people who were members of accused Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence front groups.

According to several sources, Chu has granted certificates of “Congressional Recognition” to at least ten persons over the previous decade for a variety of reasons, including the establishment of a non-profit.

According to translations of related membership records, the recipients also belonged to a handful of organizations that had previously been identified by China experts and US government agencies as front groups serving a Chinese government intelligence service at the time the awards were given.

According to financial records, several of the certificate winners have donated financially to Chu’s political efforts at some point as well.

Seven of the ten people in question were members of the China Overseas Exchange Association (COEA) or the China Overseas Friendship Association, which merged with it in 2019. (COFA).

Mitchell stated that the objective of COFA is to unite patriotic overseas Chinese in order to impact international public opinion about China. COFA carries out its aim through capturing elites and engaging in public diplomacy with Western political figures.

CCP influence operatives try to gain credibility in communities by giving to local politicians with the implicit expectation of gaining respect from that person in return.

The stunning news further incriminates Chu and raises serious question about exactly how much she knew about the activities and associations of these individuals.

Chu reportedly refused to comment on the story.

The Director of National Intelligence warned in July 2022 that China’s proxies give financial advantages to government elites in order to acquire power, a startling predication which may now be coming true.

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