[Photo Credit: By David Dellinger (Port Meteorological Officer for the National Weather Service of Miami, Florida) - https://twitter.com/NWSMiami/status/1575552044630507544, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=123550891]

The Top 10 Wildest Videos From Hurricane Ian’s Path of Destruction

As daylight finally broke across Florida’s Gulf coast on Thursday the true scope of the damage from Hurricane Ian’s landfall the night before finally became evident, and it was truly staggering.

Houses and boats across the coast lay in shambles, more than two million people lost power and hundreds are still missing and feared to be dead the day after.

Here are the top 10 wildest and most harrowing videos from Hurricane Ian’s path of destruction and its aftermath:

1) Man Saves Cat from Flood Waters

2) Apocalyptic Storm Surge Rocks Florida

3) Devastated Fort Meyers

4) Florida Residents Swimming Through Their Houses

5) Incredible Time Lapse Storm Surge

6) Shark Swimming Through the Streets

7) Entire House Gets Washed Away in Naples

8) Epic Calm Before the Storm

9) Sanibel Island Causeway Collapses

10) Let’s GO Brandon!