Joe Biden CNN Town Hall via Wikimedia

Trouble in Paradise: Biden Administration Upset at CNN’s Lack of Obedience

New reporting indicates that there is trouble in paradise between the Biden administration and one of the Democrat party’s messaging arms, CNN.

A report from The Daily Caller says that the Biden administration is upset with CNN for its lack of total obedience.

At particular issue is the coverage from the network of the president’s speech on September 1st which featured a communist-esque backdrop and a speech that condemned half the country as extemists.

CNN’s Brianna Keiler was openly critical of Biden and his administration, and was attack by members of the Biden administration for voicing those concerns.

The caller which cited a report from Politico says that the Biden administration is upset about the focus of CNN on the optics of the speech, specifically the communist looking red background.

The network even has pushed back on the president’s student loan forgiveness plan, including commentator Catherine Rampbell, who sad it was “not the best use of taxpayer dollars.”

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain has also been critical of CNN’s decision to become more non-partisan. A move that has been driven by new CNN President Chris Licht.

Klain retweeted a Tweet from Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project that called CNN “Diet Fox.”

The Biden administration seems to believe that they have an optics problem and not a policy problem that is driving its unpopularity. But maybe, just maybe the bad policy is causing the bad optics.

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