The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) underway in the Western Pacific on 21 December 2004. Abraham Lincoln, with assigned Carrier Air Wing 2 (CVW-2), was deployed to the Western Pacific 15 October 2004 to 4 May 2005.

History Made as USS Abraham Lincoln Deploys Under Command of Female Captain

A female captain is in charge for the first time in history as the USS Abraham Lincoln heads toward the western Pacific.

Tensions between China, Taiwan, and the United States are rising as the carrier with Capt. Amy Bauernschmidt in charge and a Marine Corp F-35C squadron aboard heads into the fray. The commander of the group said that the forces are ready to accomplish whatever mission is given to it.

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314 becomes the first Marine F-35C squadron to deploy on an aircraft carrier and is only the second F-35C squadron following a Navy squadron that deployed in August.

The carrier leaves port amid a virus surge, but leadership is confident that it can accomplish its mission despite it.